• Farlin Paper Stem Cotton Swab (190 Pcs) (BCB-006)

    It is important to protect your baby from any infection or possible ailments. In order to ensure proper and hygienic cleaning of the ear and naval Farlin has made cotton swabs. The swab cleans the surface of the ear and the naval gently. They are made using high quality polypropylene as well as cotton. The best part is that it can be used by the entire family.


    High Quality Material

    100 Percent high quality natural cotton

    No Peel off

  • Pigeon Cotton Swab Thick 200pcs/jar

    Use these delicate Pigeon thick stem cotton swabs to clean your baby’s delicate ear canal. These cotton swabs are made of high quality cotton and their stems are made of soft environmental friendly material. One pack contains 200 thick stem cotton swabs.

  • Pigeon Cotton Balls 100/bag

    Use these Pigeon cotton balls for different cleaning purposes. These cotton balls are made of 100% pure cotton. These balls are soft, absorbent and very useful. One pack contains 100 cotton balls.


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